Raising Funds for Study Costs

Help me with my Rural Technician Training

I'm a with Otago Polytechnic studying to become a Rural Animal Technician.

The skills I learn in this program will directly help me acheive my goal to work at a Large Animal Vet Technician (LAVT).

There are a few costs that I cannot afford on my current income for my study that StudyLink cannot help with. I need extra equipment for working alongside rural vets and on farms, travel costs to my block courses and placements out of Auckland.

There is a massive shortage of rural animal technicians in our country, as well as worldwide. I am hoping to be able to progress into rural veterinarian study in the future once I've completed my studies with Otago Polytechnic.

I'm looking to raise around $3000 in total. Anything up and beyond this will go toward funding my sons diagnosis for ADHD and Autism. He is dyslexic, but also has autistic traits and getting a formal diagnosis will go very far in helping his be able to acheive his full potential at school and in life.

7.5% Funded
$225 Raised
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About Me

Hi, I'm Fiona. I'm a 39 year-old mother of five (kids aged 18, 18, 17, 14 and 9) living in New Zealand. I'm on the autism spectrum, as well as all five of my offspring, and we all have other neurodiverse challenges. I've always wanted to work with animals, and after years of struggling finding my place and raising my children, I've finally found a pathway that suits me perfectly.

If you can spare a little, and help me continue with my studies you can donate here or send me a donation to my paypal account at fourqdesignnz@gmail.com.

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